Watchbear Newfoundlands 
Jeanne & Terry Fashempour,  Medina OH


         Expectant Parents   &  
                                                                                                        New Arrivals
    One week old puppy dreaming

Sire: Black Watch Maverick (B) OFA pending, xrays available upon request
Dam: Watchbear's Shiloh (B) OFA

Litter born November 8, 2014
Males: 3 Black
Females: 3 Black

Shiloh is fostering three of Tiffany's pups since she is a first time mother. Here are her puppies 11-28-14

  Chrissy with her pups

Sire: Watchbear's Smokey The Bear OFA (Gray, Landseer & Black/Rec.)
Dam: Watchbear's Charisma OFA (Landseer)

Born November 11, 2014
Males: 1 Black, 1 Landseer
Females: 2 Black  
Chrissy is also fostering three of Tiffany's pups since she is a first time mother.                          
Chrissys pups 11-28-14
   Silk with her pups

Sire: Black Watch Maverick (B) OFA pending
Dam: Watchbear's Solidad Silk OFA (Black, Landseer rec.)

Litter born November 9, 2014
Males: 4 Black 
Females: 4 Black
Silk's puppies 11-28-14

  Tiffany in recovery

Sire: Watchbear's Nightwatch Sailor (L) OFA
Dam: Watchbear's Tiffany Blue (gray and white, B/L recessive) OFA

Litter born November 11, 2014
Males: 7 Landseer
Females: 5 Landseer
Six of Tifffany's pups 11-28-14,


 If you have a reservation with us please keep in touch and make sure to notify us of any change in phone number, e-mail address or home address. Our modest reservation deposit is only refundable if we cannot supply you with a puppy within a year from the date of deposit and you have checked off "Please refund deposit". 
If you would like  to place a reservation with us, please read over our deposit form as well as our sale agreement on the forms page, if you have any questions we encourage you to call us. We are easiest to reach in the mornings or evenings after dark at 330-239-2597 or by e-mail at


Every Watchbear puppy comes with a "get started" kit.
It will have: puppy food, grooming tools, shampoo & ear cleaner, rawhide chew, dog toy, dog treats and a lovely adjustable designer collar and leash. we also include in your "puppy packet" information to register your puppy with AKC, register the puppies microchip with AVID, your puppies health record, information about grooming and training and feeding as well as valuable coupons for services and products we use and recommend.


Please check with us if you are looking for an older puppy or adult. Occasionally we have newfs that are looking for a new home for one reason or another. We try to facilitate a new placement for these wonderful dogs who have to find a new family.
We want all our Watchbear's young and old to have long happy lives.

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